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Youth Collective is collecting in your COPPER

Copper Collective logoThe Brighton and Hove Youth Collective this week launch their 3 month fundraising campaign – creatively titled The Copper Collective.
The aim of the campaign is for the city to support young people who are engaging in fundraising by asking all schools, businesses, families and community groups to collect in their 1p and 2p copper coins in time for Christmas. The group will then collect up and count all the donations and set up a youth panel to decide how the money should be best spent.

The Brighton and Hove Youth Collective is an organisation which is made up of eight youth clubs which support young people across Brighton and Hove. They are The Young People’s Centre (YPC), Crew Club, Deans Youth Project, Brighton Youth Centre, Tarner Community Project, Hangleton and Knoll Project, The Trust for Developing Communities and Sussex YMCA. They are all registered charities.

These eight groups who previously worked independently have recently changed their approach and now work together to deliver a more efficient and co-ordinated programme of youth activities across Brighton and Hove. The “Youth Collective” delivers a ‘co-produced’ service with projects and programmes to develop and deliver an innovative, co-ordinated and responsive service to better meet the needs of young people living in the city.

There is a wide range of events and activities happening at any one of these Youth Clubs every night of the week. For example singing and drama at the Deans Youth Project in Woodingdean, skateboarding for girls at Brighton Youth Centre near Edward Street. There’s a young women’s group- focusing on mental health at the Hangleton and Knoll project in the west Hove or you can go to various “Drop In” sessions at the Young People’s Centre in Ship Street to discuss numerous issues.

Lead Services Manager Ben Glazebrook says; “All we are asking is that everyone in Brighton and Hove collects up all their copper coins around the house, office, car, shop or garden shed; bags them up and then hands them into any one of the following places who are already supporting this campaign: Sussex County Cricket Ground, Velo Cafe on  The Level, Dorothy Stringer School, Varndean School and Roedean School plus The Young People’s Centre,  Crew Club,  Deans Youth Project, Brighton Youth Centre, or any of The Collective offices across the city.”

Having launched at ASDA in Brighton Marina on Tuesday, it is hoped that over the next few months the Brighton and Hove Youth Collective will have collected in most of Brighton & Hove’s copper coins. The money can then be put towards the worthwhile activities and services that help support young people across the city. Although the Collective receive central funding, this only provides the basic support. In one day the team collected over £100 by shoppers at ASDA in the Marina.
If you are interested in donating please visit Or if you wish to act as a Collective Collection Point please email:


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