Brighton Brighton


Theatre Royal Workshop for Brighton & Hove Youth Collective


Theatre Royal Brighton this week kindly offered a free theatre workshop to 25 members of the Brighton & Hove Youth Collective on the afternoon of the 30th of April. The tour included an access all areas view of the 207 year old Theatre. The recipients who are a group of young people with a love of drama, singing and theatre, were able to visit areas that are normally out of bounds to regular visitors. Members of the theatre’s team gave a background introduction into life in the theatre. This was followed by a viewing of the highest points and deepest parts of the venue and a backstage view including a visit to the fly floor and half substage. The visitors gained hands on experience with lighting and special effects. The trip culminated in an onstage improvisation session and a peek at the days Dreamboats and Petticoats rehearsal

The Youth collective is made up of 8 local charities which include Young People’s Centre (YPC) Crew Club, Deans Youth Project, Brighton Youth Centre, Tarner Community Project , Hangleton and Knoll Project, Trusts for Developing Communities and Sussex Central YMCA.

In the last 18 months the Collective has delivered a co-ordinated programme of youth activities across Brighton and Hove in partnership with Brighton and Hove Council’s Youth Service to develop and deliver an innovative, co-ordinated and responsive service to better meet the needs of young people living in the City. The benefit is one vision, created with young people, that addresses inequalities, provides stability and acts as a constant in the lives of those most at risk.

John Baldock General Manager of the Theatre Royal said “We are delighted to be working with the Brighton and Hove Youth Collective. It’s imperative for the future of the industry that an early interest in the Arts is encouraged and nurtured. The team at Theatre Royal Brighton are incredibly keen to share their expertise and maybe inspire someone to pursue a career in theatre. This is a great opportunity to engage with audiences of the future and industry professionals.”

Educational trips such as this one offered by the Theatre Royal are invaluable to these young people. Often disadvantaged in life, they don’t always have the opportunities that others take for granted. With the generosity of organisations such as the Theatre Royal, a real difference can be made to their lives.