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Student Chloe Wins an iPad Thanks to Brighton & Hove Youth Collective

It has to be a good start to the New Year when someone hands you a FREE mini iPad as a prize for winning a competition. Well this is exactly what happened to 13 year old young lady called Chloe Ockenden on Friday who entered a pre Christmas competition – all part of The Brighton & Hove Youth Collective’s first year anniversary celebrations last month.

Chloe who goes to Dorothy Stringer school received the iPad from business man and charity supporter David Swainsbury from Newman Business Solutions. The iPad mini competition arose after David was discussing I.T. developments with Impact Initiatives who oversee BHYC operations. The Collective were looking at ways of engaging with more young people. They decided that having the opportunity to win an iPad mini after filling in a questionnaire would be exciting and encourage young people to take part – and so David organised Newman Business Solutions to donate one.

Winner Chloe, who enjoys going to after school clubs in Brighton because she gets to do things such as drama, cooking, art, and dancing completed an online questionnaire which was designed to help Youth Workers across the City provide ongoing relevant and comprehensive range of services and activities.

On receiving the iPad, Chloe said “I was so surprised when I was told that I had won the competition. I have wanted an iPad mini for such a long time and now I have one. It’s so exciting and my friends are really pleased for me. I am going to do my homework on it when I get back to school next week and use it for Facebook. I have already bought the case to keep it safe.”

David Swainsbury from Newman Business Solutions said “This is a clear example of how local businesses working with local charities really works, it really has been a win win situation and I am delighted that Chloe has won the iPad mini. I hope we can get more young people to engage throughout the year.”

Linda Saltwell who devised the competition said “The Youth Work that goes on in the city is really important but it is critical that we engage with young people in a way that they find interesting, so what better way than to design a questionnaire that they could tell The Brighton and Hove Youth Collective the best ways for us to communicate with them about our services and other things that are going on across the city. The iPad was a great way of attracting their attention and a great thing to do a week before Christmas.”

The competition not only provided Chloe with an iPad mini but it has also provided The Brighton and Hove Youth collective with some very interesting results with over 160 Young People responding to the survey. The results are very informative for example;

The survey said that the best 3 ways to communicate with young people are:

  1. Texting – 46%
  2. Brighton and Hove Youth Collective Facebook – 39%
  3. Leaflets & posters – 33%

And the top three things that young people want to know about are:

  1. The Activities that are on offer – 86%
  2. Events they can go to – 76%
  3. Local community activities in their area – 63%

And the really positive news was that 51% of respondents answered ‘yes’ to taking an active part in how The Brighton and Hove Youth Collective shape their work in the future proving that working together really works.

The Brighton & Hove Youth Collective is made up of 8 well known youth organisations across the city. They are the Hangleton & Knoll Project, Brighton Youth Centre, the Deans Youth Project, Tarner Community Project, Young People’s Centre (YPC), The Trust for Developing Communities, Sussex Central YMCA and The Crew Club.  In October 2012 the group changed their approach and whilst they still deliver the same youth work, groups and activities across Brighton & Hove, they do it collectively sharing best practices and being more economically resourceful. Last month they celebrated one year in operation as “The Brighton & Hove Youth Collective.”

There will be more competitions in 2014 so become a member of The Brighton & Hove Youth Collective by attending one of the eight organisations.

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