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What is Look Sussex?

Look Sussex is a blind and visually impaired charity for children up to the age of 18. The charity aims to create a safe space for young blind or visually impaired young people. Look Sussex meets every Wednesday at the 67 Centre in Moulscoomb for a creative, fun and relaxed session where both the children and the parents are welcome.

As a digital marketer and because I have a keen interest in blind anLook Sussex 2d visually impaired charities with being visually impaired myself I went along to see what the session was about and what sort of activities the charity covers. I came to their Wednesday session for the first time on the 3rd of October, coming for the first time was a bit awkward at first because no one had told them that I was coming so it was a bit unexpected for them.

Before the session started there was half an hour or so for me to interact and meet some of the young people. This allowed me to get a better idea of how Look Sussex helps each individual, how long they have been coming to the session for and why coming to Look Sussex is so important to them. I also took this opportunity to ask some of the volunteers and staff about what happens weekly at the Wednesday session and the different activities they do and organise.

However as the session was underway I started to feel a bit more comfortable and was very familiar with my surroundings. This wasLook S because fully aware of what some of the challenges would be for most of the young people attending. As I am a young visually impaired person myself and so I fully understand what the young people might be facing and how it might be affecting them, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and mentally every day.

Throughout the session lots went on including Slime making which involved putting a number of ingredients into a bowel including shaving foam and glue then mixing it until the mixture stays together and feels and looks like slime. In my opinion this is really good for young visually impaired and blind young people because they are not able to see very well or at all so most visually impaired or blind people tend to use other senses like touch and smell.

Though the course of the session I felt really comfortable within my surroundings, although I didn’t know any of the staff members I soon began to fit in and did some tweeting as I went along. Hopefully with me doing this and writing this blog will help to promote the charity better and encourage other parents who have a blind or visually impaired child to get in touch with the charity and attend these sessions.

From only being there for one session I could tell how much these sessions mean to both the young people and the parents as it allows them to access and have a support network and for the blind and visually impaired young people to meet other young people their age and who they have something in common with. Look Sussex 3

Coming to Look Sussex the other day allowed me to learn more about how the younger generation, meaning anyone under the age of 16 cope with being blind or visually impaired and what is currently out there for them in terms of support for both the client’s and the client’s family. As before coming here I knew very little about Look Sussex and what age group they offered support to. The only charity I knew about that offered support to young people who were blind or visually impaired was the Blatchington Court Trust which I am a client of. This charity offers support and services to young people up to the age of 30. Apart from Blatchington Court Trust I was not as  familiar with what was on offer for the under 16s. As a result this visit really taught me what Look Sussex was and all about and how they can offer support for children who are blind or visually impaired.

If you want to find out more info about Look Sussex head to their website at

or similarly you can contact them on 01273 677731.