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The Hangleton and Knoll Project AGM

On Wednesday the 7th of November I attended the Hangleton and Knoll Project’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Going to this was very nerve racking for me because as well as going to do some live tweeting I also had to stand in front of everyone who was attending and talk about my role. This was because as well as being the Youth Collective’s digital marketer I attend an IT drop in for older people on a Friday morning called HAKIT.

The drop in allows individuals to come and get help with their emails, job searching, CV writing or simply some basiHKP AGMc navigation and IT skills for using the computer and the internet.

At the AGM I was asked to write a speech about what my role is and how I help the individual learners who attend the drop in. In the moments building up to going up and talking I was increasingly nervous as I had to hold a microphone and hold my speech at the same time. For me I knew that this would be difficult and so at the time I was more worried about how I was going to remember my speech and not knowing how I was going to hold it, than I was going up in front of lots of people talking about my role.

When up on stage I was feeling very worried and anxious as I still wasn’t sure how I was going to memorise the speech in time. Luckily there was a table behind me so I decided to put the speech on it and when talking every now and again turn back and look at it. However one of my colleagues held the speech for me to make it easier. As due to only being able to use one arm I was unable to hold the speech and microphone.

After reading out the speech it was a huge relief to have it over with, as it was very much out of my comfort zone. After we had finished our presentation there were some other presentations by other areas of the Hangleton and Knoll Project Up next was the Youth Team. AGM audience

They went on to talk about what has been going on over the current year and how many young people they have helped. My job then was to tweet about what was being said at the AGM. This was quite hard as I had to multi task with listening to what the youth team were saying and write tweets at the same time. It also didn’t help that I had extra pressure because the battery on my phone was running out; I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get all thuntitlede tweets I needed in time before my phone battery died.

Listening to all the presentations taught me lots more about what the Hangleton and Knoll project does, how and who they help support. For example apart from the IT drop in that I go to I wasn’t aware as much about the older people’s services that Hangleton and Knoll have and how they support the individuals who attend them.

Going to the Hangleton and Knoll Projects AGM was really good experience and it has really helped my confidence both with public speaking and with tweeting. Getting up in front of all those people and talking was a big step for me to take. After speaking I felt really proud of myself with having done it. I feel like if I was to do something similar in the future I would do a better job as I am more confident with public speaking.

With the tweeting the AGM has really helped me to develop both my multi-tasking skills and my tweeting skills. This was very important as the AGM allowed me to become a better digital marketer through experience. Hopefully I will be able to take those skills and use them at future events and AGM’s