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The Fresh G’s Uncovered!

What is the Fresh G’s? The Fresh G’s are a young women’s group based at the Young People’s Centre and is run by one of our best female Youth Workers. The group aims to create a safe space for anyone who identifies as female to get guidance and support. It is also a great place for young women to make friends and socialise with other young women their age.

The first time I went to the group which happened to be my first day working at thyoung womens groupe Young People’s Centre I found it really enjoyable to meet everyone and to find out more about the group and what they did. As a young female myself I was able to imagine how the other young women must have been feeling given the different situations that they were all in, mostly with college and A levels. Going to this group really inspired me and taught me that although life is tough there will always be people to support you through the hard times.

When I was aged 14 to 16 I was very vulnerable and alone because I had no friends and was always being bullied. If this group existed when I was at the age that the other young women are now I would definitely have gone to the Fresh G’s because it would have been a great support network for me with everything that I was going through at the time. As well as this it would have really helped me to build up my friendship group as throughout primary and secondary school I had very few friends that I could rely on and hang out with lots. I think this group is essential for any young women who feel alone, venerable or who just need someone to talk to.

At the group young women also have access to free condoms and period pads and tampons which are available to them with the C-Card. This would be very important to most of the young women who attend. As some of the young women might struggle to afford some of these products without having the use of the C-Card.

FurFresh G'sthermore the Youth Worker who runs the Fresh G’s, sometimes organises speakers to come in to talk about various situations that they have been in or are going through as well as different workshops. I personally think that these talks are great as it teaches the group more about different illnesses or situations that people may be going through or what people have been through in the past. For example a few months ago they had two young women come in to talk about period poverty and the problems that it is causing. With lots of young females not being able to afford period products such as pads and tampons this is currently causing some people to miss school or college. I think that it is really important that the young women in the group are taught about a number of different situations including period poverty and the problems that other people are facing.

One of the nice things about the group that I love is that the group is given choice over what they would like to do. As the youth worker who runs the group often has a number of ideas about what they could do or cover. I really like this as it is important for everyone to be given a choice with what they do in the group. This is to make sure that everyone is content and happy with what is being covered every week in the session.

Overall I think that the group is fantastic and is a great way to get young women together, to socialise and get support from each other and professionally if needed. I know for a fact that if this group was around at the time that I was feeling alone and vulnerable I would have joined. As it would have really helped me in all aspects of my life including physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and mentally.