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Simply The B.fest! (As Tina Turner would say)

B.fest 2018 has been a great success yet again this year, with lots of young people getting together to do activities and events surrounding art. B.fest kicked off with its launch event at Jubilee Library which consisted of music, Dance and speeches. As part of the launch event B.fest did a flash mob after doing this they then taught the dance to other young people.bfest

As a digital marketer I went to some of these events including the TEDx talk on your perfect school. This focused on a debate on what needs to improve in schools generally and also the good points about schools, colleges and education. Being a part of this event was very interesting being a young person as well I understood and related to a lot of what was discussed.

Being a part of something so important in the Youth community was very interesting and also gave me a better idea of how important youth centres and youth services in general are to young people especially in Brighton and Hove. The way that all the youth organisations got together and made the week enjoy able and fun was a good tedxway of getting young people together and doing lots of different activities and events around music, art and dance.

There were lots of other activities and events taking place including a drag queen event which gave young people the opportunity, if interested to become a drag queen with their own stage name and unique look. A poetry event also took place where young people were able to come up with their very own poem and then perform it in front of people.

In general B.fest has given me a new perspective on young people and ultimately a better idea of how youth services work and what they offer. Before starting this digital marketing apprenticeship at the Young People’s Centre I knew very little about Youth work. Being a part of B.fest and regularly going to Youth services such as Brighton Youth Centre, who hosted B.fest has allowed me to learn how important these services are to young people and how this festival, run by young people for young people has helped young people in general and youth services.