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The Youth Collective and Beyond!

Hello, my name is Elle. I am the digital marketing apprentice for the Youth Collective, employed by Impact Initiatives. I started off wanting to do a Youth Work degree at Portsmouth University but soon discovered that I wasn’t an academic person, I then looked into apprenticeships in digital marketing as I enjoyed going on social media.Elle

I soon found one in a youth work setting at the Young People’s Centre. Starting my new job was very daunting as it was my first proper job so I wanted to prove that I was able to do it and do what was expected of me. Soon after starting the job I was introduced to the Youth Collective.

Being introduced to the youth Collective has given me a better understanding of what different kinds of youth organisations and centres there are across Brighton and Hove and what each one of them offers to young people across Brighton and Hove. Meeting most of the members of the Youth Collective has given me a wide and varied perspective of Youth Work and also what was expected of me in my new role. With meeting some of the members I now have regular pieces of work from each one of them which has allowed me to keep busy and has given me a regular routine.

There are 7 members of the Youth Collective all together and I am currently doing work for 4 of these members The Trust for Developing Communities, Young People’s Centre where I am based most of the time, the Hangleton and Knoll Project and Brighton Youth Centre. Eventually I will be introduced to the rest of the other members and will be doing regular social media marketing and digital marketing for those members too.

More recently I have been given more responsibility with the Youth Collective as I have been given the task of writing a weekly blog post on the Youth Collective website on various aspects of youth work and generally what is going on with the different members of the Youth Collective. For example I was given the opportunity to do this Blog, the first blog for the Youth Collective on who I am as a digital marketer, my journey to where I am now and my perspective on the Youth Collective. Having this much responsibility for such an important organisation within youth work was a bit overwhelming at first as I want to be able to do a good job and prove myself as a digital marketer.

The Youth Collective has really helped me to meet the organisations that I would be doing regular work for and so ultimately it has allowed me to develop my skills by giving me the opportunity and responsibility of looking after the twitter and blog for the Youth Collective. As well as this for the other organisations who I am doing work for currently. So far I have really enjoyed being a part of the Youth Collective and the opportunities that it has given me.

I hope you enjoy my future Blog posts!