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Making Tomorrow a Better Day Conference

On the 13th of November I attended Impact Initiatives Making Tomorrow a Better Day Conference. The conference was held at the Conference Centre at Sussex University.

When I first woke up on the morning of the conference I felt a bit nervous and anxious as I wasn’t aware of whom was attending the conference, whether I would know anyone that was going or where exactly the conference centre was on the Sussex campus. When I arrived however I recognised a few people that I had met previously.

With this being my second ever conference I didn’t know what to expect from the day. The first conference I attended was the annual Impact Initiatives conference which went over what each of the services that Impact Initiatives offer have been up to, as well as the financial updates of the year.

This conference was a bit different as it was held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Impact Initiatives. The day started with an introduction speech by the CEO of Impact InitiativImpactes, Caroline Ridley. Attending this conference was very interesting and overall was a good and new experience for me. As being a young person I hadn’t yet experienced much of these sorts of events that took place in the community.

Throughout the morning the conference had a number of speakers from different organisations. Including someone speaking from Public Health England, I found some of what was spoken very interesting and fascinating as they talked a lot about health statistics across the UK and in Brighton and Hove.

However some of the time I did find it difficult to concentrate on what was said as I was primarily there to tweet about the event and what was being said from the different speakers. Listening to what an individual is saying whilst trying to tweet, I found quite challenging. But having done it a few times already it has become easier. As multi-tasking hasn’t always been my strongest point. However I have been able to develop this skill over the months that I have been doing this job.

Throughout the conference I managed to tweet about a number of the different speakers that presented. Overall I really enjoyed the day and it was good experience for me to put my digital marketing skills to the test. The tweets that I came up with had to be thought and decided upon on the spot and relatively quickly.

In the Afternoon all the attendees had a symbol on their name badge which split us into two groups. The groups were put into two different rooms to discuss on tables what they liked most about the day and why. I felt quite uncomfortable doing this as I wasn’t sure what to say and I am also not the best at public speaking. However because our table was one of the last I was able to come up with something to say in time.

After going around the room and hearing everyone’s thoughts about the day. We were given a task to do on our tables. We were given three questions to try and answer on some A3 paper. I found this part also a bit tricky as I found the questions quite difficult to understand and so I felt that I couldn’t contribute as much as everyone else. Despite this as a group we focused on one of the questions and got a few points down about what we thought the answer was.

Once the task was over we joined the rest of the attendees in the conference hall and fed back about what other groups had said and the questions they got.

On the whole the conference was worth attending as it was important that for me as a digital marketer to tweet about what was going on and for me to write this blog. As hopefully I can inspire other young people who might have an interest in doing digital marketing to pursue a career in the sector.