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Make it Easy Read!

What is Make it Easy Read? Make it easy Read is a scheme that I set up with the Advocacy Team within Impact Initiatives. The scheme aims to provide people with a physical, mental or learning need a service to help them. Therefore, the pack would be sent to the individual with instructions of what they should do if they receive a letter from a company, which they do not understand.

As an individual who has struggled to understand things in the past, I think this is a great idea for a new campaign and a long-term scheme to help individuals. When the advocacy team got in touch with me about their idea, I jumped at the chance I love helping individuals especially as I have needed help in the past from schemes such as these.

In the Easy Read pack there are easy to read instructions of what the individual should do plus stickers that they can put onto the front of the sent letter so that they are able to send the letter back to the company to instruct them to send the same letter in an easy to read format.easy read

Having this scheme is important in my opinion as it allows people with learning difficulties independence to understand a letter that they receive in the post and respond to it if needed.  If organisations want to get involved with the Easy Read campaign/scheme then companies can access an online hub via the Facebook page.

As well as this, if organisations want to become more aware of how to make their letters easier to read there is training available with Easy read if you click here you can find out more details and take the training if you want.

Being a part of this campaign means so much to me. I have a big passion for making sure that people, who have both physical, mental, learning disability have the same opportunities as everyone else, and that they are at no disadvantage compared with others who do not have a disability.

Being part of the work up to this campaign scheme has really opened my eyes as to how many people have the knowledge of what to do when they have a customer or a client who has a physical, mental or learning difficulty. However having this scheme will make a big difference too many individuals who struggle to understand letters that they receive.

The scheme has already made a difference to some people, for example, recently some clients with another charity called Speak Out working in partnership with Amaze recently tried out the scheme and found it incredibly useful. As a result, the individuals from Speak Out were able to respond to a letter using the Easy Read pack and therefore get an easy to read version of the letter.

I hope that with this campaign still ongoing we will be able to give other individuals to access the scheme and therefore get support with understanding a letter that they get from a company in the post.

If want to check out the Easy Read campaign click here to find out more information like how you can get involved as an organisation and what the campaign is about.