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Life’s a Climb but the View is great.

Last Saturday I faced the hardest physical challenge of my life, climbing Mount Snowdon to Fundraise for Impact Initiatives. Throughout my childhood I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be strong enough physically, mentally and emotionally to be able to do something this big. Surprisingly I used to hate walking I thought it was the worst thing in the world. Especially because I live with two lifelong conditions Hemiplegia which is a form of cerebral Palsy and Hemianopia which is a visual impairment affecting the peripheral vision in my right eye.

All together I was climbing for 13 hours including walking to Mount Snowdon, Climbing up and climbing down. It was incredibly tiring however doing the climb was well worth it because the views were beautiful and more importantly I was doing it for Impact Initiatives and raising money for theSnowdon at the topm.

Walking up the Mountain was a big challenge it filled me with determination and motivation when doing some of the more challenging parts. One important factor that we could have done differently was planning the route and where to start. We as a group had originally planned to take the easiest route up however this didn’t go to plan we ended up taking the second hardest route up The Pyg Track was more like rock climbing than walking up a mountain. However I wouldn’t change what happened because although The Pyg Track was one of the toughest routes it had the best views, views that I probably won’t get to see again.

We reached the top at approximately 8pm 6 hours after starting. Reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon has to be the best feeling in all the world. I had done it, I had reached the top. I felt like I was standing on top of the world! It was so high, the mountain was approximately 3,065 feet high above sea level.

After reaching the top because it was so late the train had stopped so we had no choice but to walk down. However this time we walked down the easiest route which was the one that ran parallel to the train tracks. However at this point my legs had almost given up so even the easiest route proved difficult. We eventually made it down the mountain at 11:45pm. The feeling of sitting down after over 13 hours of walking was such an amazing feeling. However I wouldn’t change what I did as I will cherish the memories of achieving this big challenge for the rest of my life.

Me being a young person myself and working in a youth setting shows that with a little bit of determination and positivity young people can achieve amazing things and exceed their expectations. Doing something this big for a good cause has filled me with pride as I have myself exceeded my expectation. To be frank I thought that I wouldn’t make it up and that it would be too difficult for me, especially because I have a physical disability which makes walking more difficult. I hat the top snowdonope that what I have done will inspire more young people to go out of their comfort zone and exceed their expectations and do something to be proud of.

It’s not too late to donate my just giving page is still up if anyone else wants to donate. Here’s the link.