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Life is what you make it!

At the beginning of starting this job I never in my wildest dreams thought that about a year into my first job I would be given the opportunity to volunteer over in Thailand with a blind school in Pattaya. I was a bit apprehensive at the start as to whether to apply, as I was unsure I would be able to cope with the hot weather and how it would fit around my job and apprenticeship. Eventually I decided to apply with a bit of persuading from friends and family. Pattaya-City-in-Thailand

The trip is for two weeks in February with a Blind charity called Blatchington Court Trust. I am currently a client of Blatchington Court Trust and I felt so privileged to have been chosen to go as there were limited places. When I got the email telling me that I was one of the 8 clients going on the trip I was overjoyed. Something to look forward too at last! The last year had been really tough for me and so finding out the news really lifted my spirits.

For me being a young person being involved in fundraising for this amazing trip has given me some amazing experience and doing it with my friends has been so much fun. With under a month to go there is still lots to organise with what to take including what to wear and travel insurance and the places we are visiting within the 2 weeks we are there. For me the pressure of remembering everything seems a bit overwhelming and stressful considering I am a young person who has never done a trip like this before.

Knowing who else is going on the trip also makes me feel excited as most over the people going I know really well and always have a laugh with. The stuff that we will be doing out in Thailand will be truly life changing and an experience in which I probably won’t get again and for the price that we got it for with Blatchington Court Trust paying 2 thirds of the trip.CkK_-XnUkAEO_ED

For me going on this trip it is quite daunting as I have never gone on a trip like this before. I am so grateful that I have so many wonderful and amazing people doing this life changing trip with me. I know that the trip will be hard and challenging in all aspects physically, intellectually socially and mentally but it will be really worth it as the experiences that I will gain will probably stay with me forever. 50

As well as the fundraising events that we held we also have a “Go Fund Me” page where friends and family have contributed to raising the funds needed for the school in Pattaya Thailand. These contributions have had a big impact on how much we have raised so far. We are all so grateful to all our friends and family for supporting this amazing cause. As we draw nearer and nearer to when we leave the excitement just keeps growing.

Here’s the link if anyone fancies donating