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Let the Feet do the Talking!

On Saturday the 16th of June I went to a TDC (Trust for Developing Communities) event called the Youth Sports Festival at the 67 Centre. TDC is a community development charity based in Brighton and Hove, working with people of all ages to achieve activities and training in their lsports festival 67 centreocal community . This festival aimed to get young people more into sports and exercise, the day proved a big success with Moulscoomb’s local MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle and the mayor of Brighton Counsellor Dee Simpson attending. There was lots going on including: skateboarding, football, table tennis, monkey climbing and even had a smoothie bike.

A smoothie bike is a regular bike with a small blender on the back it. The bike encourages young people to do more exercise and eat healthier because when someone rides the bike the fruit that is in the blender turns and eventually makes a smoothie. Having a smoothie bike not only gets young people to do more exercise it also encourages them to eat healthier as homemade smoothie is healthier than a shop bought smothie.

Being at this event was very informative and gave me the opportunity to learn more about the event and what would be going on throughout the day and why It was so important. Both the local MP Lloyd Russell- Moyle and the mayor of Brighton Counsellor Dee Simpson got stuck into some of the activities such as the table tennis.

According to 1 in 3 children aged 11 or above don’t do enough exercise and are more interested in being online and tech in general. This is a shocking statistic and by TDC doing this event it hopefully will reduce this statistic and get young people to do more exercise. Also according to Smoothie bike sports 1 in 6 teenagers are overweight or obese in the UK which again is another high figure.

 Going to this event allowed me to understand why exercise is really important for young people and their development in all areas. Furthermore holding this event would help encourage young people to be more active by getting into sports and exercise. This is also important because if more young people do exercise on average young people would be healthier than they might have been before.